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Our Business Process Outsourcing Services

American owned BPO Development Group provides corporate back-office support services chiefly targeted toward English speaking countries including The United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Our client services are performed solely in the Republic of the Philippines via exclusive Filipino partnership.

We maintain full Filipino regulatory compliance and perform business process outsourcing services to large multi-national Western corporations and SMEs. Our Filipino teams are comprised of bright and devoted college graduates with both undergraduate and advanced degrees principally in the fields of finance and accounting. Getting started is easy.


General Accounting

Processing your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bill Processing, Payroll and more. Our teams have years of experience serving Finance & Accounting departments.

Advanced Accounting

Including Bank Reconciliation and other high-trust processing.

Social Media Management

Managing content, answering your customers and providing managers with timely analytics and urgent customer service alerts.

Revenue Processing

We process large scale collection exceptions and analytical reporting of revenue drops and spikes and more.

Sales Development

Lead generation processing and data extraction from data sources to your company apps. Support services to supercharge your sales pipeline.

Search Engine Optimization

White hat SEO to rigid and proven best practices. Effective campaigns for local business and national corporate campaigns.

Digital Marketing

Growing your brand and reach. Social Media Marketing. Content Marketing. Influencer Marketing. Website Analytics. Online Advertising.

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BPO Saves Our Corporate Clients Time and Money

BPO Development Group succeeds by solving real-world corporate pain points. We have low staff turn-over rates which builds in a stability factor. Our processing work is done to a high standard with consistent results. Our staff are highly trainable with a great attitude. Remove the inherent risks and liability concerns of in-house staffing and expand your productivity to work around the clock. You will not find a more devoted business process outsourcing staff who are quick to adapt to your corporate culture. Choose BPO.


Cost Savings


Satisfied Customers

Getting Started
The first step is to reach out to BPO Development Group leadership via our contact form. We will contact you via your preferred method to discuss your objectives and assess if there is a win-win opportunity.

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Your remote team under our employ and management adapt to your corporate culture, principles and methodology. Get started with a remote team of 3-10 or more and learn what ROI is really all about.

The Best Decisions
Warren Buffett famously observed, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

At BPO our prices are certainly attractive; but the value is the real prize. Adding our remote staff to your operational mix:

  • Expands your productive work hours

  • Reduces attrition rates and associated costs of retraining

  • Removes inherent HR liability risks

  • Eliminates distractions so your in-house staff can truly focus on their core-competencies

  • And yes, saves the company a sizable amount of money


At BPO Development Group we refer to these as our "Big 3". As long as they remain central to who we are, we will prosper in our $35 Billion industry. Choose BPO Development Group.